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The 2 Bears - The Night Is Young

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The Night Is Young

Release-Date: 13.10.2014
Label: Southern Fried/Indigo

01. Get Out
02. Angel (Touch Me)
03. Money Man (feat. Stylo G)
04. Not This time
05. See You
06. Son of The Sun
07. Unbuild It
08. Modern Family
09. Mary Mary
10. Run Run Run
11. My Queen
12. The Night Is Young


NBHAP Rating: 4/5


There is NO Box
THE 2 BEARS, a London DJ duo made up of HOT CHIPS‘s Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell, have created a second album that is positively indefinable! For Music journalists, while the desire to place a genre on every song can be very tempting, when an album such as The Night Is Young so emphatically refuses categorisation it is overwhelmingly exciting. Because the pair is so confident in their willingness to draw influences from an array of sounds, there really is no box to put them in. Impossible to place in a ‘House’-box, and yet not quite similar enough to their HOT CHIPS electro-soul influences, the duo continuously experiment with genre to great success.

That Thought-Filled Club
Starting their album with a short synth intro that melts into deep, soulful vocals, THE 2 BEARS demonstrate, from the first four bars, the engaging diversity of their sound. They are not only deeply pensive in their lyric choice but also perfect for a dance floor with their powerful rhythms. However, this is not just any album you’ll hear pounding through the speakers of a nightclub; the poetry of the vocals fuses with the soulful voices that sing them to carry the listener into a brand new experience. It is true that they find inevitable influences in Goddard’s association with HOT CHIPS, however this album remains entirely their own. While songs such as their opener Get Out still retain the old HOT CHIPS vibe, the album interchanges these songs with tracks such as Money Man (feat. Stylo G). This fascinating addition plays around with steel drums and reggae lyrics and, yet, places itself perfectly within the clubhouse album.

Radio Recordings and Rhythms
This album is racked with emotion, both in the lyrics and in the powerful, house-style piano chords. The heart-breaking script of Modern Family fades into a crackling radio recording of surreal poetry and this, in turn, flows into the acoustic intro of Mary Mary. Throughout The Night Is Young, radio recordings, heavy bass, intense piano chords, synths and bluesy vocals slot in at the perfect moments to create a wonderfully crafted work. THE 2 BEARS second album, from start to finish, is an experimentation with sound that, played in a night club, would be closer to performance art than a set of generic House tracks. Powerfully emotive while still superbly enjoyable, lets hope this duo keep producing such records for years to come.

Powerfully emotive while still superbly enjoyable, THE 2 BEARS’ second album ‘The Night Is Young’ is closer to performance art than a set of generic House tracks.