The Amplifetes - Seven Songs - Photo by Djamel Boucly

Photo by Djamel Boucly

When you see the face of Peter Ågren you wouldn’t guess a great pop musical mind behind the weird bearded man. But indeed, him and his band THE AMPLIFETES understand a thing or two about the music business. After having worked as producers for various big players in the industry (including MADONNA and BRITNEY SPEARS) the band came together in 2008. And since they already knew how the game was played it seemed logical to combine their forces in one band. This year’s sophomore longplayer Where Is The Light marks the musical proof of that. Time to catch up with the charismatic frontman of THE AMPLIFETES. Time to play the ‘Seven Songs’-game with Mr. Ågren.

Ok, the theme I have chosen for my 7 songs is: “Random brilliant old stuff that would no doubt be listed under guilty pleasures in many peoples books. F*ckem.”


01. 10CC – “Feel The Benefit”

A truly epic piece of music and the soundtrack to many late winter afternoons when I was a kid coming home from school. Grand!


02. ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA – “Yours truly 2095”

Another masterpiece from Jeff Lynne  about a man/robot love relationship. So ahead of it´s time I gotta wear shades.


03. THIE KORGIS – “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”

This is so fantastic. The only song they made that anybody’s actually heard of, went and made it into the top 100s of the best songs ever done. And top ten of best melancholy tracks ever done. I love this one to death.


04. CHAKA KHAN – “I Feel For You”

This way I could get both Chaka, Prince and Grandmaster Melle Mel in one pick, not bad for a song. Crazy catchy, brilliant song from Prince and Chaka Kahn is just one of the best singers ever. Mid 80s backdrop music for sure!


05. ROY WOOD – “Dear Elaine”

[youtube id=”7wHLTWGIpGs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

You’ve got to love Roy Woods impersonation of the insane genius. He started The Move and ELO, left when stardom was around the corner and continued to tread his own path with Wizzard and solo. While at it, he also gave Kiss the idea to wear make up. Interesting video too…


06. PREFAB SPROUT – “Nancy (Let Your Hair Down For Me)”

[youtube id=”jIe5-xl8Bdo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Another songwriting genius with issues, Paddy McAloon. I love the way he´s inspired by american musical themes on this track from their musical peak. Fantastic production work by Thomas Dolby, another weirdish character in the culverts under the music biz.


07. THE LETTERMEN – “Chanson d’amour”

I absolutely adore 70s muzak, and THE LETTERMEN’s version of this classic track sounds like the Beach Boys on valium. In a good way. It just makes me cuddle up under a blanket in the sofa and go to asleep.