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The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt


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Get Hurt

Release-Date: 18.08.2014
Label: Mercury

01. Stay Vicious
02. 1.000 Years
03. Get Hurt
04. Stray Paper
05. Helter Skeleton
06. Underneath The Ground
07. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
08. Red Violins
09. Selected Poems
10. Ain’t That A Shame
11. Break Your Heart
12. Dark Places

NBHAP Rating: 2/5


Great Expectations
Sink or Swim was a revelation; The ’59 Sound perfected the sound. Somehow it feels like the band got weaker and weaker with every album.
Is dead or at least it has gotten terribly soft. It’s the ‘KINGS OF LEON effect’ and Get Hurt clearly lacks of former strength, making them trivial.

The boss might be the band’s biggest supporter but even his last record had more fire. Age doesn’t matter, a lacking ideas and bravery do.

‘Get Hurt’ continues the slow and steady decline of THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM by constantly washing out their former punk rock spirit.