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Till von Sein - Precious

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


[one_half last=”yes”]TILL VON SEIN

Release-Date: 22.05.2015
Label: Suol

01. One (feat. Lazarus)
02. Booty Angel (feat. Kid Enigma)
03. It’s All In The Spirit (feat. Russoul)
04. No Luxury (feat. The Black 80s)
05. Young Again (feat. Diamond Setter & Maria Leonard)
06. Tilly’s Vibes
07. The Manifest (feat. Mr. V)
08. Like Air (feat. Meggy)
09. Electric Love (feat. Diamond Setter & Maria Leonard)
10. Nothing More (feat. Meggy)





Keep it in the family

What you see is what you get. Only a few labels in the world of electronic music are capable of having such a strong roster and coherent output of high quality like Berlin-based label SUOL. Label bosses CHOPSTICK AND JOHNJON always seem to have their radar on new talent that is keen on making more than just a standardized house music track. The label is a family and a gang that sticks together via its love for dance music, hip hop, R&B and, obviously, Suol. No matter if it’s a big player like FRITZ KALKBRENNER or newcomers like TENDER GAMES – everyone’s an essential part of the gang mentality. This helps to spot similar sounds and vibes on almost every new SUOL release although they all sound quite unique in their own way. TILL VON SEIN‘s second LP Precious is no exception to this rule.

Giving others the spotlight

As he already told us back in 2013 the charismatic Berlin-based producer isn’t interested in attaching himself and his love for music to just one genre. And although he’s quite busy as a DJ with his smooth house music sets all over the world, Precious isn’t a pure dancefloor record. It’s a way more personal matter for TILL VON SEIN who uses the follow-up to 2011’s #LTD to mainly show his skills in producing for other people. He steps out of the limelight and gives brilliant, mostly unknown, voices the spot they deserve while he provides a decent mix of soul, pop, house and R&B as the musical map. The intro One and its tribal-like drums already hint on what’s about to follow. Precious isn’t about floorfillers, it’s about love, passion and sweet vibes. Still, there’s room to dance for it. The single Booty Angel is such a piece but the way Kid Enigma sings ‘I love the way you walk away’ gives the all-hyped fetish for a woman’s behind in contemporary pop music an almost romantic twist, wouldn’t you agree?

All the right vibes

While It’s All In The Spirit provides more house music bliss TILL VON SEIN slows down the record’s pace quite soon. No Luxury surprises with a dark piano-driven R&B twist before the easy going Young Again delivers a sensual and relaxed atmosphere. Especially SUOL labelmate MEGGY is always a pleasure when she’s joining her buddy. The sweet vibes of Like Air should be in every mixtape of this summer. The tender piece Tilly’s Vibes remains the only instrumental tune on the album and it’s a really great one since the producer managed to make this song both – grooving but also slightly sentimental and introspective. One or two more instrumentals would have been a nice addition to the album. Otherwise TILL VON SEIN really presents a lovely piece of soulful summer pop with joyful and sentimental moments on it. There’s substance in the groove and therefore it’s another highly enjoyable output from the SUOL family.

With its sensual mixture of pop, R&B and soulful house music vibes Precious by TILL VON SEIN should become an elemental part of your ‘Summer 2015’ playlist.