East Side Music Days - Banner 2016

As the summer is in its full swing you can’t really argue against good old-fashioned open air music, right? Berlin’s East Side Music Days offer the perfect setting to celebrate diversity and musical spirit. Taking place once again in the scenery of the famous Eastside Gallery around the former Berlin Wall and close to the wonderful Spree the event from August 26 to 28 will feature a variety of talent from all different kind of genres.

There’s quite a large number of artists performing, from gentle folk music to grooving exotic beats. The full line-up for the East Side Music Days 2016 can be found right here. And if you want to know what we are looking forward to, please find five hidden musical treasures from the upcoming festival which deserve your attention.

Tip 1: Arionce

More Information: https://soundcloud.com/arionce

Tip 2: Wild Tales

More Information: http://www.wildtales.de/

Tip 3: Georgie Fisher

More Information: http://georgiefisher.co.uk/

Tip 4: Kids Of Adelaide

More Information: http://kidsofadelaide.de

Tip 5: Livy Pear

More Information: http://www.livypear.de/


More information at eastsidemusicdays.com.