After being a vital part of Copenhagen’s restless music scene for almost twenty years Thomas Bertelsen is finally releasing his solo debut under his alias TOM And His Computer this week. Co-produced by old friend and mentor Trentemøller the fabulous Future Ruins became a fascinating affair that’s a must-listen experience for all lovers of sinister sounds, goth vibes and music that’s a bit darker than the shining stuff you witness in the mainstream charts and playlists. Needless to say that he’s perfectly fitting to the NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION cosmos here and when we recently thought about adding new music to our beloved Darkest Night Playlist on Spotify this gentleman immediately popped up in our head. Since Future Ruins is a record that offers an exciting mixture of electronic vibes and organic post-punk infected wave sounds we were quite interested in the man’s choices for our selection. Well, and the result is far from disappointing.

TOM And His Computer compiled two and a half hours of sinister sounds for our dark night playlist, delivering some of his personal favourites along with tracks that have also inspired the sound and vibe of his album. “This is a playlist that will help get me through the autumns early grey mornings and dark nights,” has he told us. “Expect haunting dream twang pop, psych and kraut, surrounded by a few cold electronic atmospheres.” It’s a perfect musical companion for lonesome walks home in the dark, cold winter nights and introverted moments alone, featuring beloved acts like Grouper, Daniel Avery or Chromatics but also plenty of lesser known and obscure stuff. Consider your Covid winter saved in terms of a proper musical soundtrack, right?

Please note: the selection by TOM And His Computer was only available for a limited amount of time and has now merged with new picks by NBHAP. His fabulous album Future Ruins is out now via In My Room.