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Trails And Ways - Pathology

NBHAP Rating: 4,1/5


[one_half last=”yes”]TRAILS AND WAYS

Release-Date: 02.06.2015
Label: Barsuk Records

01. Skeletons
02. Say You Will
03. Mtn Tune
04. Jacaranda
05. Heavy Sleeper
06. Nunca
07. Downright
08. Defined
09. Terezinha
10. Dream About Me
11. Vines



Trilingual triumph

It feels a bit like a long time coming with the debut album by TRAILS AND WAYS. For a few years now the pop collective from California has been more or less constantly releasing free tracks on their Soundcloud page while also dropping really enjoyable cover versions as well. From FRANK OCEAN to M83 – they managed to give each track their own twist, partly also by changing the lyrics or sing them in another language. The original idea was to call their debut LP Trilingual, due to the fact that they are performing in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The title might have changed but the rest remains. Pathology is everything you expect from the debut album by TRAILS AND WAYS. A sun-drenched piece of tropical indie-pop with latin music influences; nothing for gloomy-minded people.

Sunshine symphonies

Back at our interview in 2013 singer Keith Brower Brown defined the music of his band as ‘Brazilian shoegaze.’ Although that was obvious a hoax it’s actually not far away from the truth. TRAILS AND WAYS mix dreamy Californian-influenced surf pop with influences from South America, giving it a tropical twist. Bossa Nova meets pop and dances along until the sun comes up again. Skeletons, the album’s opening track, its bright synthesizer sounds and percussive drums already show us where the rest of the journey leads. Danceable good-vibes and the vocal exchange between Brown and his band mate Emma Oppen dominate the whole album. Smooth Guitars flirt with grooving synthesizer as these joyful pop songs dance under an ever shining sun.

Just say yes

A few of the older and already familiar songs like Mtn Tune and Nunca also made its way on the album, the rest comes in form of entirely new tunes. Say You Will caresses the listener with an irresistibly lovely Emma Oppen at vocals while a track like Defined is just destined to soundtrack your summer and shake off the demons. Terezinha sees Keith performing entirely in Portuguese, marking the ultimate Bossa Nova moment on the TRAILS AND WAYS debut. The songs might be a bit too similar to each other but on the other hand that also helps to create a coherent album sound, one that works from start to finish. Pathology became a feel-good album without sounding forced. It’s the authentic musical statement of a band that is here to remind you of the good things in life, packed with optimism and catchy hooks. If you leave this album out of your 2015 summer plans it’s entirely your fault.

Pathology is destined to accompany your summer of 2015 as TRAILS AND WAYS present a joyful and uplifting debut, full of tropical power pop.