travis - where you stand - album cover 2013

TRAVISWhere You Stand

1. Mother
2. Moving
3. Reminder
4. Where You Stand
5. Warning Sign
6. Another Guy
7. A Different Room
8. New Shoes
9. On My Wall
10. Boxes
11. The Big Screen


The Scottish Indie band TRAVIS founded 23 years ago, also known as the invisible band, have a great musical history: Headlining Glastonbury led to their breakthrough and their second LP The Man Who was the best selling album 1999. But that’s not the only thing that makes the band so successful and special, TRAVIS have never been a fad, their music is just real, warm and classic and you can connect the songs more with experiences than with a musical trend. Can they manage to do create something that great again?

After five years break they finally come up with their 7th album Where You Stand (out on August 19th via Kobalt). The songs are definitely as melodic and thoughtful as we know it from the band and Fran Healy’s voice sounds as good as always. The LP is full of metaphors and some songs are autobiographical for example Moving , written by Payne is about being married to an actress and moving all the time. “It’s about realizing it’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with, that’s home. And I liked the moral to that.” Mother and /i>On My Wall are TRAVIS at their best, especially in a lyrical way, really metaphoric. Whilst Reminder , a song that starts with whistling, and New Shoes are nice songs, maybe a bit monotonous, that could be well used for films or ads – as you might know TRAVIS already has part of some soundtracks for example for the US series One Tree Hill. TRAVIS‘ future is probably not going as big and successful as their history, but they are still a good old band and their sound is just something classic we need now, in the era where an awful lot of new run of the mill indie pop bands trying their luck. TRAVIS music is meaningful and the fact that they just love their songs and are passionate about music still makes them shine. It’s probably hard to get new fans, but old fans are going to be happy to have them back.