Needless to say these are weird times we are currently live in. You could have actually said that before the global Covid-19 pandemic but now it gets a bit more obvious as we’re forced to stay indoors and cut our ties to the analogue world for a few weeks. Luckily, we still got working internet and the power of music to get us through these troubled times. And as always, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION wants to be there for you and provide you with music to lift your mood and change your mindset. We just updated our Daydreaming Delight playlist on Spotify, for example and here comes an even greater treat by none other than beloved Danish artist Trentemøller who produced an exclusive quarantine mix for us if you like to call it this way.

Although Trentemøller is best known for his dark and sinister sounds (just check out his wonderful new album Obverse if you haven’t done it yet) he picked a pretty unusual (at least for him) setting for this little mixtape. Hawaii At Home takes a more optimistic and dreamy approach which is probably not the worst thing you can do instead of taking things into even bleaker musical territory. Here’s what the maestro has to say about his picks:

“In these dark times of the Corona Virus it’s important to STAY AT HOME! So to get through this why not turn up the heat in your room, put on this mix and then Hawaii is just a dream away! Take care everyone!!!”

Obviously, we got nothing to add here. Please take care of each other by … well, avoiding each other in an analogue way. Now is a great time to listen to lots of exciting old and new music and you can start by doing so right here. Trentemøller‘s tropical selection features several tracks by the great Eden Ahbez and interesting tunes by Benny Rogers , Jerry Bird, Martin Denny. And of course you should watch out for Elvis Presley’s iconic Island Of Love in here. Aloha from us to all of you!