Trondheim Calling - logo 2014

Only a few days to go until one of Norway’s biggest club festivals for new music, Trondheim Calling, will start with its fourth edition. Trondheim Calling is an annual event that celebrates the best of new Norwegian music with artists and guests from – of course – Norway. During the darkest time of the year in the northern sphere of Europe, Trondheim is be the place to discover new Norwegian jewels. With ten different venues in a range less than one kilometer and a total capacity of 2500 people a day. This year Trondheim Calling is expecting more than 500 conference delegates and 5000 concert guests.

Trondheim is the third biggest city in Norway with 180.000 residents and 25.000 students. The city has always been a strong music city with a huge alternative rock scene. Over the last years Trondheim became more known for its growing scene in other genres like indie, jazz, electronica, shoegaze etc. Furthermore the city has one of Norway’s leading higher educations in jazz and music technology, and has fostered many of Norway’s most known Jazz-musicians for decades.

This year Trondheim Calling will have more than 100 concerts and seminars. Being Norway’s second biggest music conference and showcase festival, Trondheim Calling has a clear focus on indie labels and operators of the music scene. The conference has a focus on export-ready artists, and is an alternative meeting place for people interested in – and dedicated to – the Norwegian alternative scene.

Trondheim Calling 2014 – Line-Up

No matter if indie rock, pop, singer songwriter, electronica, punk, hardcore or even blackmetal: Trondheim Calling brings them all together:

22, Anders Jekvit, Anja Eline Skybakmoen, Billie Van, Black Moon Circle, Blomst, Bow To Each Other, Capillary, Conor Patrick & The Shooting Tsar Orchestra, Death By Unga Bunga, Einar Stray, Eline Thorp, Equicez, Eye Emma Jedi, Farao, Frances Wave, Heroes & Zeroes, High Priest Of Saturn, Hold Fast, Intertwine, INVSN, Jesus Fucking Christ, Jitney, Johndoe, Kaja Gunnufsen, Karan med Varan / Shitrich, Killtek, Klish, Lionhorse, Lint, LOVELOVELOVE, Lucky Malice, Ludvig Moon, Lumikide, Mats Dawg, MIO, Mørkemakt, New Brian, Qalifa, RSP, Rumble In Rhodos, Rytmeklubben, Short Skirts, Sigurd Julius, Sivert Ericson, Soup, Spidergawd, Sunswitch, Tellef Raabe, Thank You, Yes Please, The Daily Hum, The Fjords, The Regent, The South, Torgeir Waldemar, Tremoro Tarantura, 33 1/3 år på 45 min.