Trondheim Calling 2014

Last weekend one of Norways’s biggest club festivals, Trondheim Calling, invited to discover new music from Norway. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION was there to check out the most promising acts from the Northern country. Ten different venues in a range less than one kilometer, 2500 guests per day and 100 concerts. Trondheim was calling with indie, jazz, hip hop, electronica, shoegaze, rock, pop and (which simply belongs to Norway) blackmetal.

Together with our colleges from The Line of Best Fit, The 405, Noisey Germany and Electru we watched as many concerts as possible and were amazed by the beauty of the city of Trondheim. Days that where literally about climbing mountains. First, because we really did climb a mountain near Trondheim – just to understand in how far the stunning Norwegian nature influences artists. Thesis: if you grow up (or live) in an area like this you’ll find access to creativity that is waiting to be found deep inside yourself. Second, Trondheim Calling was about climbing mountains because of its musical diversity, in a positive sense. From blackmetal (MØRKEMAKT) to indie rock (EYE EMMA JEDI and HEROS & ZEROS and more), from Norwegian hip hop to singer songwriterism to jazzy and experimental tunes: everything could be found. Even JESUS FUCKING CHRIST played, seriously. A musical Kinder Surprise for the visitors.

On the next pages you’ll find the most interesting new acts from Norway – as Trondheim was calling them. No doubt: Norway has jewels that you will hear a lot about in the near future.