Tycho - Seven Songs - Photo by Reuben Wu

Photo by Reuben Wu

With his usual musical output being quite dreamy and always a bit out of space it might be an interestung experience for us all to learn a bit more about Scott Hansen’s musical influences. You might better know the Californian musician and designer under his alias TYCHO. His latest album Awake has just been released and once again it invites all its listeners to a dreamy trip away from their usual and partly unfriendly environment. And to celebrate his new record and his current tour Mr. Hansen was kind enough to share some of his current favourites with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in form of a new ‘Seven Songs’ feature.

Get ready to discover the musical favourites of TYCHO on the following seven pages, featuring such interesting choices like VAMPIRE WEEKEND or ATOMS FOR PEACE. And yes, indeed – it might even invite you to dream a bit. And if you make it to the last page you can also win a few great goodies by TYCHO.