Beyond gravity. Outside of the earthly realm, in airy moon steps, in strange worlds. That is where Vargkvint moves. Today the Stockholm-based artist also known as Sofia Nystrand releases the first single teasing her forthcoming solo album Månens Hav out in June. Recorded at the renowned Funkhaus and released via LEITER, her songs explore the relationship between the moon, the sea, and the human hand in climate change. Stillhetens hav II is accompanied by a stop-motion video inspired by the moon landing that Vargkvint directed herself.

“The track is inspired by the race to space, and the first moon landing, and in the video, I also explore the theme of climate change. I wanted to use the theme of climate change, exploration, and exploitation, and at the same I wanted my characters, three ghosts representing humans, to be a bit naive and not really know about the fact that they are affecting the space they are on.”

Stillhetens hav II translates from Swedish to ‘the sea of silence’. The song begins so quietly, it almost goes unnoticed. Like a toe carefully dipped into unknown waters, Vargkvint’s gentle piano melodies shyly mingle with ethereal echoes and distorted sounds of ocean waves. She slowly wades deeper into the unfolding melody. It creeps in like the tides of the ocean and before you know it, you are submerged fully. Weightless, you float in the sea of urgent, ambient sounds as the song gently pulls you in. Vargkvint skillfully weaves steady warm piano melodies and swelling orchestration of strings and ethereal electronic elements into an otherworldly neoclassical song. Tune in below!

Vargkvint will release her solo record Månens Hav on June 2nd via LEITER. Stillhetens Hav II is featured as today’s Daily Tune.