New times call for a new set of rules. Many artists have already resorted to playing live shows on their social media channels and Bandcamp dropped their fees several times to help the artists struggling these days to make ends meet. Well, OBEN Live combines those two things and will host weekly live-stream concerts to bring you a unique concert experience while supporting the artists. OBEN usually curates and organizes concerts in Berlin and now turn their skill to picking out interesting up-and-coming musicians for their weekly live shows. Starting this week the streams will be broadcasted live every Thursday at 20.30 CET via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is excited to partner up with OBEN Live for this very special series of streamed concerts. The line-up is packed with musicians shifting from neo-classic to mellow RnB – just the right type of music to unwind after a stressful week.

You can join the party for free, but donations are welcome. Focused on helping the artists through this rough patch, 80% of your donations will go directly to the musicians and 10% will be donated to the Seebrücke – an international organization rescuing refugees stuck at sea. Harvey Causon, Simeon Walker, Martyn Heyne, and Niklas Paschburg will be the first to broadcast live from their homes. The intimate setting allows a little insight into the artists’ creative process and the best thing is that you do not even need to leave your bed to be a part of it. Put on comfy pants, lay back, and enjoy a different way of consuming live music and performance.

In times of change, we are forced to adapt, too. But new normal does not necessarily mean worse normal and we might just get used to not having to wear pants to concerts. Relax and unwind with us over the next weeks and mark the following Thursday dates in your personal calender.

June 4 – Harvey Causon (GB)

June 11 –  Simeon Walker (GB)

June 18 –  Martyn Heyne (GER)

June 25 –  Niklas Paschburg (GER)

For updates and infos follow OBEN and Nothing But Hope And Passion on Facebook.