Malky – ‘The Only One’

Remember these two gentlemen? MALKY‘s 2014 debut Soon was quite an impressive debut, especially if you consider the fact that these two are from Germany. Back then NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION also talked with them about their album and beyond. Now, they are finally launching the follow-up called Where Is Piemont for a release on October 28. The latest single off it, The Only One, already unfolds itself as even more epic and internatioanl sounding then we thought. Always nice to see a band go ambitious and not playing safe at all.

Gangly – ‘Holy Grounds’

GANGLY qualify for the Weekly Discoveries because a) it’s members are Jófríður Ákadóttir from SAMARIS, Úlfur Alexander Einarsson from OYAMA and Sindri Már Sigfússon aka SIN FANG, and that’s such an outrageously talented line-up that it should probably be illegal, and b) I’ve listened to it so much in the last week that I’ve almost forgotten what other music sounds like. This is liquid electronica, a smooth slick dance track that slides right into your brain and stays there forever.

Mozart’s Sister – ‘Eternally Girl’

MOZART’S SISTER, aka Canadian producer Caila Thompson-Hannant, ‘s 2014 album Being was fantastic, a mix of sugar-sweet ethereal pop and more muscular R’n’B beats and rhythms. Her new single Eternally Girl is just as good as you’d expect from her. It’s made up of sparkling synths, glitch-pop flair and Thompson-Hannant’s vocal, which in case you’d forgotten is still one of her strongest assets, capable of soaring up to the high notes and injecting the song jam-full of life and soul.It’s out as a double-single with Angel on Arbutus on October 5th.

Champanes – ‘Daysaway’

CHAMPANES are a Saint Petersburg band that describe their music as “Vapourgaze and Acid Grunge”. These are fucking outstanding descriptive terms and are far better than anything I could ever come up with, so if you want to skip the boring words part of this article and go straight to the music feel free, no one would blame you. If you’re still here, their single Daysaway is gloriously good shoegaze, warm waves of guitar fuzz rolling over a spectral vocal, whispered and half-there but still carrying a huge sense of urgency, drive and want. It’s out now along with an ALDOUS RX rework that drags out the song’s acid drawl, and a MARIA FALSE remix that roughens and sharpens the track’s hazy power. Listen to all three below.

Raf Rundell – ‘Right Time’

It’s kind of weird that nobody came up with the name SELFIE BOY before, right? RAF RUNDELL did and it’s pretty fitting. You might remember his face, voice and style from THE 2 BEARS, the joyful house music pop project he’s also running with Joe Goddard from HOT CHIP. The sound of his debut solo single Right Time follows a similiar path and we’re pretty sure that his forthcoming debut LP The Adventures of Selfie Boy Part 1, out December 9, is packed with fancy beats that will put a smile upon your face. For now, this tune and its joyful music video should be enough.

Patten – ‘Dialler’

A little gem within Warp Records family. PATTEN is a creative duo from New York. Their new album, soberly titled Ψ, was just released this week. It’s not an easy-accesible piece, but It might appeal to some of the weirdos out there (like most Warp releases). After a few listenening session, you start appreciating how destructurate their creative process is, on a good level. Their music is an instinctive one that deserve your ears but also your eyes. Their visual side is very important and they aim to write powerful transmedia tales.

The Invisible – ‘Love Me Again (feat. Anna Calvi)’

Something a bit more electronic here to finish our selection on the dancefloor. THE INVISIBLE is a London trio wandering around experimental rock and dream-pop. They’re not newcomers as they’re active since 2006, but nonetheless remain the kind of small gems you’re happy to have within your player. Their third album, coming 4 years after their last, was released the 10th of June. In the last few weeks, lots of remixes grabbed some attention, with big names such as FLOATING POINTS. The one we’re sharing with you is from Glasgow artist AUNTIE FLO. We loved his Boat and Beach parties he hosted at Dimensions 2016. The summer is ending, but we’re happy to move our body a few more times.

Klangstof – ‘We Are Your Receiver’

Tired of Syth and Dream Pop? Well, maybe you should rethink this as the Amsterdam based indie band KLANGSTOF came up with the really impressive and gorgeous debut record Close Eyes To Exit in early September. The Norwegian fronted band managed to create some really unique and atmospheric songs with beautiful soundscapes and brilliant instrumental layers. As a whole the record sets you in a continuous mood but brings loads of sonic delights. For their track We Are Your Receiver director Menno Fokma did a video showing the bands vision of of the future of social media – what chatroulette will be like in hundred years. KLANGSTOF will play on Reeperbahn Festival this week and is supporting JAGWAR MA in the US.

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