Peter Silberman – ‘Slips Away’

As big fans of THE ANTLERS we are more than happy to have their leading man PETER SILBERMAN back with a truly outstanding piece of reduced beauty. Slips Away is an ode to the inevitable change and ultimate passing of all things in life. The songwriter states that he came ‘to accept the transitory and experience shifting tectonic plates as passing clouds.’ SILBERMAN furthermore adds: ‘I’ve dedicated much of the last few years’ creative effort to embracing this unflinching force of nature. Change is a heartbeat, evidencing life.’ We couldn’t have said it better, indeed.

Noga Erez – ‘Dance While You Shoot’

The hottest new signing on acclaimed label institution comes in the form of NOGA EREZ, Israel’s answer to M.I.A., FKA TWIGS and whatever might come to your mind. Her  politically charged debut single Dance While You Shoot is not only quite catchy and danceable but also comes with an important message. According to the singer the song is about realizing that ‘you can’t live without the government that ensures your basic needs, but at the same time takes your money, keeps you in the dark about the real, important matters that affect your life directly, while drowning you in manipulative media, ignorance and bureaucracy.’ A lot of things but this message is more imporant than ever, these days, right?

Lowly – ‘Word’

It feels as if we’ve been waiting years now for the first album by Danish dreampop band LOWLY as they crossed our way multiple times on countles showcase festivals all over Europe. But now, the wait is finally over and Heba will see the light of day on February the 10th via acclaimed label Bella Union. The first single from it comes in the form of Word and you can get a glimpse o what to expect from the LOWLY debut full-length right here.

P2X – ‘Spreadaround’

We don’t really know anything about P2X really, and you sense that at this moment in time that’s the way the group likes it. They’re a European art collective, with their strongest roots in Iceland, a ten strong group that defines itself as post-Brexit and feminist and state that their mission statement is “to share the passion of creativity free of the constructs of race, gender and patriarchy”. They played for the first time at Iceland Airwaves this weekend and ahead of their debut EP next year, they’ve released a debut single, Spreadaround. Spreadaround isn’t really a song, but more of a sonic world, a haze cloud of glitched synths and beats, dreamy in tone but with an unsettling ability to tear at your nerves and hint at darker things. The kind of music that can swallow you whole. Listen below.

Mavi Phoenix – ‘Quiet’

Austria never fails to amaze us with amazing new talent lately. MAVI PHOENIX, the young lagdy with the Syrian roots and her catchy piece Quiet already created a little buzz in the blogosphere and this ultra-cool music video delivers further proof for her quality. It’s heavy but also melodic, intelligent and bursting with self-confidence. The future lookes bright for MAVI PHOENIX and you are happily invited to join the hype right now.

Tella Viv – ‘Resources’

Stockholm trio TELLA VIV (Carl Hjelm Sandqvist, Adam Odelfelt and Benjamin Lavén) released an EP last year called From Coast 2 Coast, five songs of trippy, psychedelic pop. They’ve just released a new single, Resources, a strung-out rock song driven by a fizzing, manic energy. Resources‘ appeal lies in it’s being loaded with nervous tension, Sandqvist’s vocal jarring in time with the track’s guitar and synth-driven momentum. Paranoid pop is a thing, and TELLA VIV nail it here.

Chemtrails – ‘Burnt Shadows’

CHEMTRAILS are a London five-piece (Mia Lust (vocals, guitar), Laura Orlova (vocals, guitar), Laura Sumner (vocals, bass), Ian Jubb (keyboard) and Sam Nuebär (drums)), and they’ve just released their new single Burnt Shadows, which is naturally about living in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. Musically, it sounds like a pop song dipped in an acid bath, melodic as fuck but in a corroded, debauched way. The apocalypse never sounded so good. CHEMTRAILS upcoming debut EP Love In Toxic Wasteland is out on PNKSLM on December 8th.


The Dig – ‘Simple Love’

There’s something highly entertaining and uplifting in this music video, we think. THE DIG celebrate the joy of performance in an old churge, conducted by a slightly confused old gentlemen. The band wanted to ‘to show a colorful explosion of an old man’s imagination’ as they explain and aside from that, Simple Love is a really sweet piece of guitar pop for all fans of MGMT and FOXYGEN (minus their weirdness). Their new album Bloodshot Tokyo arrives on February 3 via Roll Call Records.

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