Giant Rooks – ‘New Estate’

We reported about busy German newcomers GIANT ROOKS a few times below (check our ‘Introducing’ piece right here, for example), now they are back with fresh music. New Estate is the first teaser of an EP by the same name which arrives on January 20 via Halder Pop Recordings. It heads a bit more into folk-sounding territory which makes the choice of their new label a fitting one.

sir Was – ‘In The Midst’

We first discovered City Slang’s latest signing SIR WAS aka Swedish artist Joel Wästberg back in May. Now the talented man who mixes lo-fi dreampop with soulful hip hop vibes returns with a full-length debut album Digging A Tunnel, out on March 10. The first single In The Midst features Wästberg  dressed as a king (did anybody say Enjoy The Silence?) while walking along the countryside. It’s quite hypnotic and also very catchy. We’ve got the delicate feeling that we need to watch out for SIR WAS in 2017. Are you with us on this one?

Strange Hellos – ‘We Are Trouble’

Norwegian supergroup STRANGE HELLOS (featuring members of AURORA, THE MEGAPHONIC THRIFT, LUMIKIDE and many more) established their expertise in the field of old-school indie-pop on their debut single Summer, and their latest effort We Are Trouble only confirms it. We Are Trouble bounds along with a puppy’s hyperenergy, a high-tempo sugar rush of guitars, synths and Birgitta Alida Hole’s vocals, all dosed with a healthy layer of fuzz. We Are Trouble is out now on Brilliance, and a debut LP is expected in autumn 2017.

Rome Is Not A Town – ‘Careful Like You Cared EP’

TIGER LOU labelmates ROME IS NOT A TOWN are not only currently touring with their fellow Swedish countrymen, they also just released a brand new EP called Careful Like You Cared. If you happen to be a fan of noisey garage rock sweetness with undeniable charm, stop right here, take a moment to catch your breath and click the ‘Play’ button below. This will shake you up. The EP is out now via Startracks.

Grapell – ‘Some Places (Blue Hawaii Chop-n-Screw)’

Stockholm duo GRAPELL released their EP Love Chamber earlier this year, and led it with the single Some Places, a slow-burning fireplace soul song that featured vocals from fellow Swede MANY VOICES SPEAK. Now Canadian duo BLUE HAWAII have reworked the track, swapping its lush, neon-lounge smoothness for a more frantic, kinetic sound and transforming it into a low-key dance track. Listen to it below. The Love Chamber EP is now out on Strangers Candy.

My.Head – ‘Abyss (feat. Ida Dillan)’

MY.HEAD is a French producer, and he’s about to release his debut album Abyss Of An Excessive Void. Ahead of that we’ve got the single Abyss. It’s a fuggy, atmospheric track, a dark, cold piece of electronica that slowly envelops the listener. Norwegian producer IDA DILLAN provides the lyrics and vocals to give the track an extra layer of icy edge. Abyss Of An Excessive Void is out on December 16th on Symbols.

Tennis – ‘In The Morning I’ll Be Better’

Husband-and-wife indie-pop duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are old friends of us who know return back with a follow-up to 2014’s Ritual In Repeat. Yours Conditionally arrives on March 10 and it first single In The Morning I’ll Better proves that they still write really sweet and catchy indie pop tunes with an undeniable retro charm. That also goes for their new music video right here.

No King. No Crown – ‘Without Yesterday’

Dresden-based singer/songwriter René Ahlig and his alter ego NO KING. NO CROWN have been constant companions on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION over the past years and we never got tired of spreading the word regarding his tender folk melodies. This spring saw the release of the new album Without Yesterday and now Mr. Ahlig has unleashed a gentle music video for its title-track. It follows the ‘on the road’ theme which seems quite fitting for the driven but relaxed notion of the track.

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