Strand Child – ‘Eyes’

Berlin for sure isn’t California, especially during those grey and harsh autumn days we’re currently facing. STRAND CHILD don’t really care and rather spread dreamy new wave indie rock romance with their latest tune Eyes. The psychedelic little pop gem is part of a just released new split EP they put out with their colleagues CELSIUS PANDA via acclaimed Berlin-based indie label Spaeti Palace. And it totally makes us forget that summer just recently ended.

Villa Nah – ‘Life Is Short’

Most of you might not remember VILLA NAH but dedicated NBHAP followers know that we are big fans of Finnish synthpop duo SIN COS TAN. They both have a lot in common, mostly singer Juho Paalosmaa. But his SIN COS TAN partner Jori Hulkkonen also co-produced Ultima, the first VILLA NAH album after a five-year long hiatus. It’s just been released via Solina Records and Life Is Short marks its latest single. The result remains the same: catchy pop sweetness with undeniable 80s charm.

Worriedaboutsatan – ‘From A Dead Man (Part II)’

We can’t really say that we are surprised by the latest musical output of Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale aka WORRIEDABOUTSATAN. From A Dead Man (Part II) is an epic, cinematic post-rock/electronic monster which we could also visualize in an upcoming dystopian sci-fi blockbuster. After all, the band once compiled a Kubrick-inspired guestmix for us, so you get the idea, right? The new song teases the duo’s new record Blank Tape which arrives on November 25th via This Is It Forever.

Cancer – ‘Tears’

There are only a few unique voices in contemporary music that manage to stand out whenever you hear them. WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild owns such a voice and we’re happy to have him back with his second band – CANCER. The bittersweet Tears is another teaser from the debut album of the project he’s sharing with Kristian Finne Kristensen. The LP goes by the name Totem and arrives on January 17 via Tambourhinoceros and we can already sense a really interesting debut album right here.

Off Bloom – ‘Thorns’

OFF BLOOM are a Copenhagen-based Anglo-Danish trio who have collaborated with fellow Danish artists like KILL J and VERA in the past. That KILL J connection is definitely audible in the muscular electronica of their new single Thorns. It’s a powerful digital R’n’B track, a thumping beat line perfectly blended with screwed, glitched-out production. It’s part of their Love To Hate It EP, released on their own Sport Records label on October 21st.

Desert Planes – ‘Together Apart’

Now, that’s what you call an uplifting anthem. We already discovered the soulful indie rock of British band DESERT PLANES back in May and we’re quite thrilled to have them back with a new track. Together Apart is a great and powerful piece of guitar pop for all lovers of THE WAR ON DRUGS and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. Yes, quite some comparisons but you’ll totally get why we use them after listening to the tune right here.

Elliot – ‘Make Love To Me’

Ellioth Axelsson is ELLIOT, a Stockholm musician whose press release describes as ‘beer corpulent and modest’, which indicates a flair for self-description at the very least. Regardless of how much beer he drinks, he’s made a fantastic song in Make Love To Me. It’s a piece of twisted grease-pop, as Axelsson’s debauched yelp stretches out against a smokey, dream rock backdrop, sounding like the soundtrack to the cabaret of your fever dreams. It’s out now on Icons Creating Evil Art. Listen below.

Linying – ‘Speak Up Selah’

It doesn’t happen every day that we feature an artist from Singapore. We should definitely do this more often, considering the quality of a singer/songwriter like LINYING. Speak Up Selah is the haunting new single, taken off her debut EP Paris 12 and it’s an outstanding piece of floating epicness. It almost feels and sounds like the female lovechild of BON IVER and LYKKE LI. Please prepare your heart and brain for four and a half minutes of auditive escapism right here..

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