Clockwise from top left: Young Summer, Daniel Wilson, MIYNT, GL

Clockwise from top left: Young Summer, Daniel Wilson, MIYNT, GL

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s weekly round-up of new songs, musical discoveries and lovely little gems that definitely didn’t deserve to slip under your radar. This is what last week sounded like.

Young Summer – ‘Alright’

American artist Bobbie Allen aka YOUNG SUMMER isn’t entirely new to the game of pop music. She already released a first album back in 2014 and is now preparing a new EP for a release this summer. The first single comes in form of the power-popping tune Alright which you can enjoy right here for your delight. It’s that sort of dreamy and sweet radio-friendly pop you wouldn’t switch channels for when it comes on. Looking forward to more from her.

GL – ‘Hallucinate’

Lovers of funky 80s-infected synthesizer basslines, get in here: this one’s for you. GL are about to release their debut LP Touch via Plastic World & Midnight Feature on July 15 and the first single Hallucinate already delivers finest dance pop sweetness. The band described it as a dance record that’s also about physical love, just to give it an even sexier undertone. Hallucinate is that sort of song that should accompany you all summer, trust us.

Daniel Wilson – ‘Sinner Of The Week’

Well, and since we’re already in the middle of the 80s, why not staying right here? Crafted newcomer DANIEL WILSON and his latest single Sinner Of The Week sound like a  2016 update of Luther Vandross as he delivers finest synthpop-infected soul on this track. The world would actually be a better place if mainstream pop would at least try to sound a bit like this gentlemen. The new DANIEL WILSON EP also goes by the name Sinner Of The Week and was released last Friday.

Skinny Blonde – ‘Hi Annie’

We first featured New Yorker Michael Turzilli, aka SKINNY BLONDE, a few weeks ago and now he’s back with a new single. Hi Annie. His previous single King and subsequent EP City Girls dealt in sticky, nighttime indie-rock, but Hi Annie clearly marks a new step forward in Turzilli’s songwriting process, its bright, zippy guitar lines and big chorus a clear indication that the soul of 90s alt-rock shines bright in this song. The lyrics tell the story of Annie, one of those people you should give up on but never do, and well, we all know people like that. Listen below, and it’s available as a free download from SKINNY BLONDE‘s Soundcloud.

MIYNT – ‘The Strangest Game’

Listening to MIYNT‘s new single, The Strangest Game, the overwhelming feeling is that damn, there’s not much about that sounds like this. The Strangest Game is a lush, absurdly smooth song, dripping with a kind of waving-goodbye-on-the-French-Riviera glamour. It’s a slow-burning ballad, MIYNT detailing the fun and games of a relationship in its early, exciting mysterious stage over swooping melodies and gloss pop sheen. It’s taken from her debut EP EP no. 1, out on September 16th on B3SCI Records.

YancityGurl – ‘Thou Shalt Not Forget’

Some seriously exciting things are happening in Russian electronic music, from KEDR LIVANSKIY and the John’s Kingdom collective to this week’s topic of discussion, YANCITY GURL. YANCITY GURL is a producer from Kazan and Thou Shalt Not Forget is part of a Russian electronic music compilation called  U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance) by the Opal Tapes label. Thou Shalt Not Forget is a highlight of that comp, the kind of murky, dubby techno you hear cutting through the air at the best clubs around.

Over Sands – ‘Memory Girl’

OVER SANDS is still a new brothers duo in the scene. After having successfully released their self-titled debut last year, they come back with a new EP titled Roman Rooms. The london duo had an interesting creative process with their new single Memory Girl. While recording this song, they were projecting images on their studio walls to better revisit the past – and how we distort it through our souvenirs. This new EP is due to be released on the 19th of August via B3SCI Records, the label with which they released their debut. A label that notably made itself a name by debuting his catalogue with JUNGLE‘s The Heat.

Orka – ‘Blik’

Something a bit more out of the experimental world with an acoustic techno band coming from the Faroe Islands. ORKA is about recording homemade instruments and sample them in an electronic experimental writting process to get this kind of mesmerizing organic techno. The band is nearly 10 years old but is still very true to its roots. After their last album Leipzig they come back wtih a new LP titled Vað released earlier this month. All that you can hear on Blik has been made with self-made acoustic instruments. This one is definetely for your curious ears. They’re quite hard to find on the internet, due to the numerous musical projects with the same name, so here’s a bit of help.

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