NBHAP Guestmix - Worriedaboutsatan - Photo by William Sharp

Photo by William Sharp

There are certain movies who are considered a classic. Clockwerk Orange probably, Apocalypse Now too. Maybe even Star Wars for a few. Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey is another one. And not just for various generations of film critics all over the world. It even inspired musicians. English experimental electronic duo Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale aka WORRIEDABOUTSATAN belong to this specific group of artists. The duo dedicated its NBHAP Guestmix to the eclectic sci-fi classic. Or better said to HAL, the famous super computer from the movie. Here is what the two musicians have to say about it:

We always like to do things a little different, and do our mixes with a theme. On this one we wanted to base it around Hal – the computer from Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, so we included a few quotes running throughout. The rest is sounds we’re loving at the moment, and there’s some old favourites in there too.

So be ready to dive deep inside the musical microcosm of WORRIEDABOUTSATAN. The duo just returned from a longer hiatus in form of the double single I’m Not / The Next Round. Following their 2009 album Arrivals the band went on hiatus to follow the side-project GHOSTING SEASON. But now it looks like we can expect more from these two gentleman in the not so distant future. And to get us even more excited you can enjoy their spaced out selection right here.

01. ‘I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That’
02. THE CREATURES – Prettiest Thing
03. DALOT – Breathe Your Soul In And Say Goodbye (For Him)
04. ‘I Think You Know What The Problem Is’
05. HTRK – Blue Sunshine
06. DOWNLINERS SEKT – Trim Tab (Part One)
07. SLIPKNOT – Frail Limb Nursery
08. GIORGIO GIGLI – The Child That Was Watching The Moon
09. ‘Where The Hell’d You Get That Idea?’
12. AUTECHRE – Second Peng
13. SLIPKNOT – 742617000027
14. GAVIN MILLER – Interrupted (N1)
15. ‘I Could See Your Lips Move’
16. PINK FLOYD – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
17. CRASH OF RHINOS – Lean Out
18. ‘Goodbye’
20. DENNIS BROWN pres. PRINCE JAMMY – General Version
21. SUPERTRAMP – Nothing To Show
22. ROBERT HOOD – Minus
23. BOARDS OF CANADA – Boards Of Canada
24. GYORGY LIGETI  Overture: Atmospheres
25. ‘It’s Called Daisy’