Young Dreams - Between Places (2013)


YOUNG DREAMS Between Places

1. Footprints
2. Wounded Hearts Forever
3. Fog Of War
4. First Days Of Something
5. When Kisses Are Salty
6. Dream Alone, Wake Together
7. The Girl That Taught Me To Drink And Fight
8. Through The Turnstiles
9. Young Dreams

Finally, Norwegian indie-pop newcomers YOUNG DREAMS unveil their debut record Between Places. We from NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION have been very excited while waiting for this longplayer. In the meantime YOUNG DREAMS teased us with various singles, an exclusive session video for First Days Of Something or a lovely little clip for their single Fog Of War. But admittedly the YOUNG DREAMS‘ debut record is somewhat disappointing. Matias Tellez’ vocals seems to be very unique at the beginning-but after some songs the voice is too brash.And all nine tracks are too equably. Furthermore there is no real variation in Between Places. All pieces follow the same sound techniques:every song is catchy, pop-y and anthemic. Actually, not the worst characteristics. But in the case that every song on one album is following that scheme it is simply too much for the listener.

And this is exactly Between Places’ problem. The opener – Footprints – got a fast beat, a catchy chorus and it features many “Ah’s” and “Oh’s”. This kind of fill-ins appear on the whole longplayer. It goes over to Wounded Hearts Forever which sounds like a soundtrack for a princess Disney movie. You can imagine how the birds are singing and the happy princess is dancing around. Then there is Fog Of War – a fancy piece that features a fast drumbeat and lots of violins. First Days Of Something is a sunny and harmonic song and When Kisses Are Salty a slow one that includes too many synths and voices. And a weird woman’s voice that sings along. The following song The Girl That Taught Me To Drink And Fight is as long as its title. It takes 10 minutes and the strings are a little bit disharmonic in-between. It seems like YOUNG DREAMS took various different songs and made one track out of them. And the long instrumental part could be part of a Disney princess soundtrack, too. Between Places last track – named after the band – is the best song of the album. It is a dreamy and haunting piece. And the chorus is current and cheerful. Definitely a track that has hit potential.

Between Places isn’t the best debut record for a band. As mentioned before-  it is simply too much sound and too little ideas and variation. YOUNG DREAMS should have been choosing more diversified tracks for their first longplayer while recording it. Hopefully they will do that on their second album because YOUNG DREAMS are surely not a bad band! Their basic concept is a pretty good one – it should just be a bit revised by the band.