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Karin Park - Apocalypse Pop

NBHAP Rating: 3,8/5


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Release-Date: 30.10.2015
Label: Paper Bag Records

01. Wear Out The Ground
02. The Night Wants Us To Be Free
03. Factory Flaws
04. Body
05. Ready To Shine
06. Must Be Love
07. We’re No Good
08. Little Wave
09. Lean Into My Love
10. Pressure



Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Never change a running system. This also counts for Canadian synthpop outfit YOUNG GALAXY and the follow up to their last albums Ultramarine (2013) and Shapeshifting (2011). Once again the band teamed up with producer Dan Lissvik, resulting in familiar musical environment on their already fifth full-length. With Falsework YOUNG GALAXY have definitely stayed true to their synthetic electro beats they carefully established over the past few years. Keeping Catherine McCandless as lead vocalist is also a bonus, allowing the album to have that ethereal power, thanks to her distinctive vocal work once again.

The songs speak for themselves

Most tracks on Falsework have that steady 80s-like beat, immediately turning a gloomy day into a brighter one. Body is the supporting single off the album and the synthpop elements are undeniable. Along with tracks like Little Wave and Factory Flaws these count for the more up-tempo songs and remind you of a galaxy faraway. Counteracting those tracks are the slower songs such as the harmony-packed Ready To Shine or We’re No Good which do somehow place a little damper onto a rather upbeat album. All in all, Falsework provides a good mix on it and according to their label Paper Bag Records the album was made from old machines tuned so that the music sounds like something from the future. Something that does stands out once you know this information but otherwise isn’t all too conspicuous.

A story that goes beyond the music

To change things up a little YOUNG GALAXY asked award winning novelist Sean Michaels to help write and create a story to accompany the album. The story called Falsework is a little strange but does make an interesting read. However, how exactly the album is tied to the story is left open and could definitely do with some further explanation. It’s a nice addition to a solid new album by the synthpop band. However, in the end Falsework proves to be another lovely and nice release by the Canadian group but in the end you tend to notice its lack of fresh ideas compared to previous output by the band. It’s well done, got pretty production work and more than a handful of solid songs but we’re missing the back step forward for YOUNG GALAXY right here. Maybe it’s happening two years from now.

With its future hypnotic sounds and classic synth pop melodies Falsework by YOUNG GALAXY will make you feel like bobbing your head and forget about the crappy weather outside, thus making it perfect for this time of year.