No music on a dead planet. No point in staying entertained when our earth is suffering. That's why today, on September 25, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION remains silent in order to raise our voices for something far more important.


We urge you to use this day to inform yourself about the effects of climate change that are already visible everywhere on this planet but also the ones that are more subtle. Start a conversation with your loved ones, find allies and take this to the street with a maximum amount of determination. Since we are still living in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic we advice you to take care of each other, keep your distance and wear a mask when needed. However, we think that the global climate strike is far more important than the current crisis and that Corona shouldn't stop you from getting active.

This is as urgent as it can be. We need every voice and heart to make a change. Let's not just use this day for protest but also for exchange and a celebration of life. Let us create a new vision for this planet and simply be a little bit better.

Find more information and a protest near you at: globalclimatestrike.net

Thank you very much,
the staff of NBHAP



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