KOC back in 2009

KOC back in 2009

Can you believe it? These days the release of Quiet Is The New Loud, KINGS OF CONVENIENCE’s acclaimed debut record, celebrates its 15th anniversary. On top of that, the duos most recent one Declaration of Dependence also isn’t the youngest anymore: seven years went by since its release. So, the time has definitely come for the two Norwegian musicians to make the world a gift and produce a new record. And NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION got four reasons why:

1. KINGS OF CONVENIENCE are the inventors of a new movement

Flashback to the year 2001. Two pretty unknown Norwegian friends who already played together in a band which amongst others covered JOY DIVISION songs move to London and decide to release an album together under the name KINGS OF CONVENIENCE. EIRIK BØE and ERLEND ØYE never could have thought that this action would cause such a big hype and even create a – sort of – new movement: the Quiet Is The New Loud – movement (also called new acoustic movement). It’s about making silent music that helps you calming down and escape the noisy everyday life. Something like a quiet pole in the hectically pop world. Other bands which could count to that genre are amongst others BELLE AND SEBASTIAN or TRAVIS and even the very early COLDPLAY. But KINGS OF CONVENIENCE managed to keep that whole ‘quiet’ thing on such a tender reduced level their competitors were barely capable of. In the year 2016 – the digital-age where it’s all about getting everything as fast as you can – a new album by the duo would be a great way to escape the fast pace and restlessness of our time. We need to get quiet again and catch our breath…

2. They are great storytellers

Each KINGS OF CONVENIENCE song has its own enthralling and almost hurting beautiful story. That combined with their canny and calm instrumentation creates an absorbing atmosphere that makes you forget the world around you. Admittedly, the two write more sad lyrics than happy ones, for example Toxic Girl (from the album Quiet Is The New Loud):

She’s intoxicated by herself/Everyday she’s seen with someone else/And every night she kisses someone new/ Never you.

Or Love Is No Big Truth (from Riot On An Empty Street):

Love is no big truth / Driven by our genes, we are simple selfish beings/A symphony that’s you/ Joyously awaking the ignorant and sleeping.

But aren’t those honest lyrics the most touching ones because we can all identify ourselves with them?

3. KINGS OF CONVENIENCE are brilliant live-performers

BØE and ØYE are such down-to-earth and honest guys that they simply can’t disappoint the audience during a gig. Even if they make any mistakes, they laugh about themselves and make you realise that they are just normal people like you and me, people who share our problems with the only difference that they sing about them on stage. They always manage it to create a close atmosphere with their music so that it works perfectly in every venue, regardless whether it’s a small club or a huge concert hall.

4. It’s been seven freakin’ years!

Like we earlier said, it’s been a while since the two gentlemen released a new record. Album number three, Declaration of Dependence, dates back to 2009 and we’ve been waiting for to long. Nothing against ERLEND ØYE‘s satisyfing solo material but summer’s approaching fast and we wouldn’t mind more of those gentle and floating love songs for the sweet summer days and nights. They already did a brief run of shows last year to celebrate the Quiet Is The New Loud anniversary but that hopefully isn’t the final word. So, beloved  KINGS OF CONVENIENCE, please give us some new music, we are all waiting for it! Until this happens, please revisit the wonderful debut album again right here: