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Note By Note

What is behind each track of a record? This is the space for artists to dismantle their own creations, telling us the stories of particular albums, song by song.

“Some Kind Of Autonomy”: Walking Through ‘Big Picture’ With Fenne Lily

The now New York-based folk artist Fenne Lily is back with her third record and while her tender acoustic aura hasn’t changed a bit, her latest full-length is more honest and authentic than ever, grappling the essence of this thing called love with new intensity and sincerity. In a matter of looking back at each song from first to last, these are her thoughts on how this album was conceived.

The Same But Not Quite: Núria Graham on Exploring New Beginnings

The Catalan-Irish singer Núria Graham releases her fifth record "Cyclamen". It symbolizes a departure from the previous sound and tells intertwining stories of various characters. We met the artist to chat about the hidden treasures in (more or less) every song.

A Piece of My Earth: Track by Track Through Juanita Euka’s Debut “Mabanzo”

Juanita Euka is not a Latin-American singer, she is not a Congolese singer, she is not a Londoner - she is all of those things at the same time and unapologetically herself. On her debut she explores themes of identity, cultural trauma, and pains of colonialism, while also empowering and celebrating Black female identity. Between Congo, Cuba, London, Peru, and Argentina, Juanita Euka walked us through her creative process.

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