I’m more than happy to attend the first ever WE MAKE WAVES festival in Berlin soon andalso speak as part of a panel with the name Is This Enough? Music Media + Gender Justice on its first day. These issues are important and denying it or playing it down won’t make a proper change. Personally I realized that I am able to sum up the essential elements of female empowerment by, well, just spelling out F-E-M-A-L-E. Let’s put on some facts on female power and start this talk.


People should learn from the past, practice what they preach in the present and work towards a good and positive future for all of us. The reality looks quite different. Women in music business (and generally in any other field) suffer from unequal payment, harassment and objectification. The struggle is big and things need to change. The future will look bright if we learn that equality should be the new status quo.


Self-consciousness and self-respect come through knowing your own worth. Education is the clue and knowledge is power. Power can be an intimidating thing and history has taught us that it can go wrong turn and tear everything down. However, power can also do good if it’s meant for yourself, your body and soul. Women were taught for decades they needed men’s approval to make their own decisions. Some are still thinking that. To empower ourselves means to acknowledge our own worth and that our decisions belong to no one else but us.


Although the term feminism may hint towards an all-female based crowd, let’s remind ourselves what it stands for in its ultimate basics: equality of the sexes. This cannot happen only by powerful women, but also men. They are as much part of the movement as women are. And just to make it very clear at this point: the M does not include those who reject equality and enhancing sexism – sadly there are still too many males of this kind among us. This M stands for all those beautiful men who are fighting side by side with women and non-gender people to make this world a better place.


We cannot fight together if we are fighting against each other. Sure, we all have different views on certain things, but let’s face it: there is not just one truth – but various opinions. The clue is to find a balance between these opinions and work towards one goal, to embrace and accept each other. Acceptance brings freedom to your mind. We should all try a little bit harder.


The women’s liberation movement demanded economical, social and sexual freedom. Feministic theory calls it the most important movement of contemporary feminism. The latest women’s march in January at the start of this year, proves that people are still willing to literally walk the streets to show their support for women’s rights. Liberation means to own the opportunities you’re given so you can to achieve exactly what you want. And that’s worth the fight.


Another term why in history, battles have been fought and many paid with their lives. One of the many reasons why it is our responsibility today to not give up! Sure, compared to past decades, certain things have changed for the better (women’s right to vote, more control over their own body – to name two relevant achievements in western society). Which does not mean we are at the end of this journey. There is still a lot of work to do and it is up to us to make progress and make change happen!

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