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Music that summons new futures and dreams new worlds.

This Is Not Jazz: Theo Croker on the Death of A Genre and Musical Ancestry

"JAZZ IS DEAD". The title of Grammy-nominated musician Theo Croker is written in all caps and comes with a message. Ahead of the release of his new record "Love Quantum", Elana Shapiro sat down with the artist to talk about what the title of of the single means, acknowledging musical ancestry, and why we should stop calling it "Jazz".

Unlearn Being the Man You’re Not: Soft Drug on Masculinity

Soft Drug are the litte red pill that invites listeners on an eye-opening trip - not just musically. Targeting topics like depression, accepting weakness, and toxic masculinity the RnB/Pop trio uses music as a tool to dissect gender-based discrimination in society and the music industry. Ahead of the release of their debut EP "Easy", band member Sascha reflects on his experiences with expectations of masculinity and the track "Man Up" released in April.

Beyond What You Thought You Knew About Jazz: Introducing Allysha Joy

Melbourne-based artist Allysha Joy is a key player of the local contemporary Jazz and Hip Hop scene and records with the collective 30/70 as well as solo. This Friday, she releases her sophomore record "Torn: Tonic". In our interview, she tells us about her relationship to Jazz, personal growth, and facing the struggles of working in the male-dominated music industry.

Electronic Empathy: Confidence Man Unleash The Right Sound For Potential Post-Pandemic Party Vibes

With their impending second studio album ‘TILT’ Australian dance sensation Confidence Man aim even higher as if they want to reunite the entire planet via the power of joint dancing. Needless to say, they hit a soft spot with NBHAP head Norman here. To celebrate the release and a shared love for retro-infused dance tunes he phoned up one of the group’s masterminds for more insights as well as a few proper tunes.

“Like Another Piece Of The Puzzle”: How The Weather Station Evolves A Continued Vision On Her New LP

After last year’s celebrated “Ignorance”, The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman found there were more songs left in the grounds of her creative vaults from that period, so she decided to breathe new life into them on "How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars". NBHAP editor Andreas met up with the artist just in time for the release to discuss the vision behind the idea and how the new songs embody the global sense of ending of our times.

Be The Person You Always Wanted To Be: An Honest Conversation With Mavi Phoenix

With his second album, Marlon Nader aka Mavi Phoenix has finally arrived where he always wanted to be - personally and musically. In the last two years the musician experienced a personal change, which also affected his musical outcome. NBHAP writer Miriam met the artist to talk to him about his new album 'Marlon' and the changes that came with it.

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