Who is it?

LUMIKIDE are Birgitta Alida Hole, Martin Miguel Almagro Tonne, Alf Hulbækmo and Axel Skalstad, a Norwegian four-piece who started out jazz before making the great leap forward to pop. This has proved to be a wise decision, because pop is something they have a real knack for, as their new single Explorers And Destroyers proves.

Why should you listen to it?

Because Explorers And Destroyers is irresistibly perfect indie-pop. Built around a tumbling structure of jangling guitars and sunshiney ‘ah-oooohhs’, paired with the aching melancholy of Hole’s vocal. At the two-minute mark things get subdued for a bit, before the song explodes again into a final chorus. It’s pop so bright it glows, a song it’s almost impossible to stop listening to.

What next?

Explorers And Destroyers is out now, and LUMIKIDE tour Norway during March.

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