Who is it?

If you like your pop gloomy, edgy and with a certain amount of dark desperation we might have a new favourite for you right here. Sweden’s LOUISE LEMÓN has only released a few songs so far but the way that she’s keeping it mysterious and mystical definitely caught our attention.

Why should you listen to it?

Mrs. LEMÓN isn’t even trying to please pop expectations on her latest single Egyptian Darkness. Instead she delivers a haunting piece of gothic alternative gospel pop, similar to the work of PJ HARVEY, THE KILLS and NICK CAVE. The new track was also produced by Randall Dunn (SUNN O))), THURSTON MOORE) which definitely explains the noisy appeal of this gem. Here’s how the songwriter explains the sound:

‘Egyptian Darkness is a song about keeping on walking on your own path, even if you’ve been completely blinded. Not bending over backwards or doubting yourself and understanding that there is a great meaning and a huge power in doing so. I wanted the sound to really relate to this massive force. The song and especially the outro was created in the rehearsal space and the musicians playing on the track had a big part in creating the sound.’

What’s next?

A full-length EP by LOUISE LEMÓN is expected to be released later in the year and we definitely need more from that musical attitude.

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