Temples 2017

March the 3rd will see the return of British psychedelic pop four-piece TEMPLES in the form of their second album Volcano. It follows the critically praised Sun Structures from 2014 (about which we talked with the band back then in a highly entertaining way). And the band is desitned to perfect their musical skills on this new album as the group states in the press release:

‘If there’s a sense of scale it was really just a result of implementing a load of things that we didn’t know about the first time around… We discovered a lot as we went along, and the excitement at having done so radiates.’

The first singles from the new TEMPLES record go by the name Certainty and Strange Or Be Forgotten. And especially the second one is a massive instant hit single that will most certainly end up at a good spot in all ‘Best of 2017’-lists, trust us. Listen to both of them below.

Temples - Volcano - Artwork

‘Volcano’ – Tracklist

01. Certainty
02. All Join In
03. I Wanna Be Your Mirror
04. Oh The Saviour
05. Born Into The Sunset
06. How Would You Like To Go?
07. Open Air
08. In My Pocket
09. Celebration
10. Mystery Of Pop
11. Roman God-Like Man
12. Strange Or Be Forgotten

‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’