Woman, photo by Robert Winter

photo by Robert Winter

Who is it?

Indie pop band WOMAN from Cologne, Germany. Founded in 2012, the trio took their time to perfect their signature sound that spans synth-pop, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-infused singing and guitar licks that give a nod or two to SANTANA. At some point, a CD of their demos made its way to BILDERBUCH producer Zebo Adam, who went on to produce their debut EP Fever, a triumphant celebration of funk-pop with shades of electronic elements. Fortunately for us, the collaboration proved to be fruitful, as he also produced WOMAN‘s first album Happy Freedom, which aims to carry that spirit onto a full-length record. Marvelous City is the first glimpse of that debut LP.

Why should you listen to it?

Marvelous City emerges from chaotic noise and tells a story about “a life in limbo, where you are unsure about where reality begins and where it ends.” The accompanying music is restless, almost stormy as synthesizers boom in the low end and radiate in the high registers. There are little reminders of the nuances on the Fever EP; Carlos’s vocals sound passionate, if not distraught, while the video shows footage of a Cologne that is mysteriously devoid of any life on the streets. The three musicians are also depicted, albeit as avatars made out of a metallic material – “Epic” might be an apt word to describe the atmosphere of the song, if it were not for the feeling of threat that permeates the entire track.

What’s next?

Happy Freedom is out on May 12 via Asmara Records. WOMAN are also embarking on a tour of Germany, with support coming from CLOCK OPERA. Check the live dates below the video.


April 6 Dortmund, Sissikingkong w/ Clock Opera
April 8 Frankfurt, Zoom w/ Clock Opera
April 9 Munich, Milla w/ Clock Opera
May 17 Haldern, Haldern Pop Bar
May 18 Berlin, Cardinal Sessions Festival
May 19 Hamburg, Cardinal Sessions Festival
May 20 Cologne, Cardinal Sessions Festival
June 9 Munich, PULS Festival

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