As you know, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is always happy to support events and small festivals that are a bit more dedicated to music and art than others, so that’s why we decided to present the 2018 of the still young but quite passionate German Golden Leaves Festival. The event which takes place in Darmstadt, a town in Hessia, is still an insider tip for music fans. Probably because of its special concept: there are only a few tickets available and the exact location will be only announced shortly before the festival starts. There is also the opportunity to get a spot on the guestlist and enter the festival for free. In return the festival crew likes the visitors to donate for the bands that play during their stay. Sounds nice, right?

What a pleasure to welcome William Fitzsimmons back

Besides that, the Golden Leaves Festival also started a crowdfunding-campaign to finance all the things that need to prepare in advance of the little festival. This year the festival will take place on the 1st and 2nd of September and the first acts to be announced from the line-up are: The Notwist, Die Höchste Eisenbahn, William Fitzsimmons, WILDES and Sam Vance-Law.

The Notwist are quite possibly THE German indietronic intitution and are considered to be pioneers in this genre. They are also a quite mesmerizing live experience so that is another plus. Die Höchste Eisenbahn is more of a German thing but still very entertaining, to say the least. The charming quartet makes soulful soft rock with profound lyrics that might raise your interest in learning the German language at least a bit. And then we got beloved bearded swetheart William Fitzsimmons aka the well-known singer-songwriter buddy from Pittsburgh who’s always a good addition to any festival (and your life). Furthermore, there’s WILDES aka the 20-year old artist Ella Walker which creates music that is comparable to artists like Daughter or Ben Howard. Last but not least we got Get Well Soon buddy and talented indie-pop entertainer Sam Vance-Law who is one of those artists you’ll definitely hear more about over the course of the next months, trust me.
Quite a divrse first part of the line-up, right? We are definitely looking forward to this year’s Golden Leaves Festival and will continue to keep the buzz going right here over the next weeks and months. Hope to see you there, okay?

You can grab your ticket right here.

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