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Kendrick Lamar - Photo by Christian San Jose

100 Must Listen Songs Of The 2010s: Numbers #50 – #26

As this decade is approaching its end it is time for a little reflection on all the great music we experienced over the course of it. Of course, this is NOT an ultimate and universal Top 100 list. It simply can't be but these are the songs you should definitely give a spin before the decade is over. The next 25 tracks in our list include Daughter, Kendrick Lamar, Editors, Blood Orange, Metronomy and more.
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Groenland Records: Fine Sträter, Mareike Hettler and Lenz Hein

Label In Focus: German Indie Institution Groenland Records Turns 20

Born out of pure necessity the small German record label grew to become a steady force in the music scene over the past two decades. Thanks to their passion and special philosophy Groenland Records have become a constant in a changing musical environment and NBHAP head Norman took the big anniversary as fitting chance to catch up with the label and some of its most acclaimed artists.
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The Sparrow And The Bell: How William Fitzsimmons Deals With Adult Heartbreak

Does a broken heart heal easier with a certain age? Probably not. But there are other aspects that help to set things in perspective. The beloved bearded songwriter knows a thing or two about that issue and now has to face it again on his upcoming album, almost exactly ten years after the last time. Time for a reflection about the past, present and maybe also the future.
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