Oh autumn, you part wonderful and part miserable season. As the days are slowly getting shorter and the temperatures decline we’re once again facing our favourite part of the year when it comes to the appraisal of slightly more introspective music. That’s why we updated our beloved and popular Melancholic Moments playlist once again with new sounds, old favourites, hidden treasures and other music we consider very much fitting for this season. What awaits you are 100 haunting tunes and almost eight hours of bittersweet bliss.

The additions include material from the mesmerizing new Marissa Nadler album as well as gentle new pieces by Mazzy Star, William Fitzsimmons, Ólafur Arnalds and Ben Howard. Aside from those all-time favourites we were also keen to add great new artists to the playlist, like German folk duo BRTHR, Canadian songwriter project Of The Valley, the always charming Fenne Lily and beloved neo-classic composer Niklas Paschburg. It’s a selection that invites you to get carried away, drift along with the music whether you hit the ‘shuffle’ button or go through it chronologically.

Life can be a pain in the ass way too often and for moments like this we would like to provide this melancholic playlist for you. It’s music to enjoy on long lonesome train rides, rainy days at home, on a walk through the country side and other moments where you need to take some time for yourself. This one’s for you and we once again hope you’ll highly enjoy it.