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12 Great Albums Of 2019 You Might Have Missed

Sometimes great music can slip through your fingers, even through ours. Yes, indeed, over the past twelve months we discovered hidden treasures and overlooked beauties among all those released albums. The staff of NBHAP picked out some of these personal treasures in addition to the official end-of-the-year-lists, including MIYNT, Vivian Girls, The Night Café, Martha, Purple Mountains and more. Discover these gems right here.
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Caught Backstage: Cat Clyde at Fluxbau, Berlin

Somewhere between gothic-tinged soul and bluesy folk music, singer and guitarist Cat Clyde takes her place. Influenced by classic blues artists like Leadbelly, iconic soul singer Etta James, and rock legend Janis Joplin, she creates her interpretation. We caught the Cat backstage at her recent Berlin gig to chat about touring life, green rooms, and her second record 'Hunter's Trance'.
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