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Le Ren

For Folk’s Sake: Le Ren’s Debut Album Is A Tender “Collection Of Relics From The Past”

On her brand new debut LP "Leftovers", the Canadian songwriter Lauren Spear explores past relationships, musing on the value of romantic love, family ties and friendships, forming a tender narrative in between nostalgia and the nature of affection. For this fresh edition of his folk column, NBHAP author Andreas zoomed up the artist to talk about the various ingredients of music and how we should savour friendships more than we are taught to.
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15/10/21: Coldplay, Hayden Thorpe, Le Ren, Sir Was, Lala Lala

Every Friday music fans are faced with the same burning question: What to listen to from the sheer endless sea of new albums, EPs and other releases? Don't worry, the people of NBHAP are here to help you with that. Our very own release roundup gives you a quick overview on the music that matters the most this week.
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