Leipzig-based indietronic five-piece Elephants On Tape has been walking the thin line between catchiness and complexity with their music for a while now and their forthcoming second album Every Structure’s Dislocated takes that notion a bit further. It sees the band experimenting with analogue electroncia, twisted musial turns yet a decent and honest emotional foundation that lets you not forget that they are humans after all. Following the previously released hypnotic anthem about ones and zeroes this second single called Electrons is another gentle love song that adresses human relationships with analogies from natural science.

It’s no surprise that the accompanied music video (directed by bandleader Lisa Zwinzscher) sees a young gentleman falling for a digital being. Lovers of oldschool computer technology will also get some joy from the clip since it was shot at the ZCOM, the Zuse-Computer-Museum in Hoyerswerda, East Germany. It’s a fitting setting for the Elephants On Tape sound that feels like it’s DNA is coming from a traditional indie-rock understanding of songwriting but has evolved into a totally different lifeform. You can turn love into compelx mathematical equation – or simply take it as the fascinating mystery it always has been. This band offers the fitting soundtrack for both options. If you like what you are hearing –Every Structure’s Dislocated is out on April 23.

We’re also very happy that Elephants On Tape recorded a special version of Electrons for our Instagram. Watch it right here.


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