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— Daily Tune 18/03/2021

Elephants On Tape Unfold Twisted Yet Sensual Indietronic Vibes On “01100010”

Although romantic people might say something different but maybe love is an equation after all, a line of numbers and a code that – if perfectly lined-up – really make you fall for the other person. “In an array of zeroes and ones you are everything apart from binary,” sings Lisa Zwinzscher in the chorus of the hypnotizing new Elephants On Tape single which is fittingly titled 01100010. The Leipzig-based five-piece is returning with a second studio album in April and after already giving us such sweet tunes like Microscope and Lightweights in the past this new single really feels like a progressive step foward. Tempting and sensual on one side but also quite abstract and twisted on the other side it really finds the perfect balance between catchy melodies and a certain complexity to not turn Elephants On Tape into your next gentle indie-pop sweethearts. There’s a bittersweet and subtle darkness that shines through this track and it makes us quite excited for the group’s second LP Every Structure’s Dislocated which arrives onn April 23. You can still crowdfund a vinyl pressing of it right here and having already listened to the album I can honestly say this might not be the worst investment you can make these days.

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