‘You’re there living in the afterburn of the sixties’ Arlo Parks gently whispers on her latest single. Angel’s Song is about the human condition, love, fear and death and the Londoner singer captions the existential topics beautifully. With refined lyricism she expresses deep emotion yet, bearing a certain lightness of composition. The minimalistic guitar melody accompanying her sets the tone for this tender ballad while Parks explores the depth of personality – the quirks and habits – of a beloved person with utter eye for detail. Listening to the intimate vibe of the track almost feels like intruding into a private setting between the musician and a friend.

Quietly trickling along, the intensity of the song comes with the raw lyrics exploring topics around death and sadness. The air of melancholia is enhanced by the retro-style crackling of the tape in the background. Angel’s Song is part of the young musician’s most recent EP called Sophie which shows the versatility of this British talent on the rise; her poetic lyrics, the soulful touches, and the observing eye capturing the wonders and dreads of the world around her. This might be the first time you here from Arlo Parks but surely not the last.

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