The combination of vocals and piano is a classic but one that we will never get bored off. On her latest single Curve A Line, Berlin-based singer CATT demonstrates once more the beauty of intertwining voice and keys. The artist’s clean feathery vocals fit the warm melodic arrangements of the instruments. And while the tender verses and falsettos are moving, the chorus has a little extra vocal layer sure to give you goosebumps.

The simplistic single shines in lyricism as well. “Have you ever seen someone stop the time / have you ever heard someone curve a line” she sings off the limitations of human capabilities but does so with soothing melancholy. CATT manages to simultaneously make you cry and then she hands you a tissue to wipe away the tears. Curve A Line is the third single preceding the artist’s debut album Why, Why due in November. With tender simplicity and artistic finesse, she crafts music that feels like a warm blanket for cold times.

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