Right from these opening lines Luxembourg-based, Canadian-American two-piece Francis of Delirium got our attention. “You’re born, you get your period and you get raped sometime” – I mean that’s quite a way to start an anthem about equality which was born out frustration about the sheer lack of it in our society today. It sees talented 19-year-old Jana Bahrich railing against the systems that deny women justice and her Equality Song was written in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings two years ago. It’s a moment you tend to forget in the recent history of horrible moments of American policy. “The Brett Kavanaugh hearings had just happened and then every week it felt like another story came out and it seemed like no-one cared,” the artist explains the song’s origins.

“You grow up learning to be skeptical of other people and spend a lot of time in fear of the people around you. So, the song is meant to be lashing out about how broken structures and systems are.”

There’s nothing to add here, it’s a powerful statement and a great piece of testament that underlines that the recent debut EP All Change by Bahrich and her musical partner Chris Hewett wasn’t just a lucky shot (the marvellous Circles is still buzzing in our heads). This is finest melody-loving indie rock greatness, carried by the fearless energy of the young songwriter and that special stubborn attitude you need to deliver an anthem like the Equality Song. All the money from the purchase of this lovely new Francis of Delirium piece will go to Femmes en Detresse a charity in Luxembourg. It’s the band’s wish to give that money to the section of the charity that has been working on safely getting those that are victims of domestic violence safely out of their home. Femmes en Detresse is working with other charities in Luxembourg to continue the availability of a 24 hour domestic abuse hotline where people can email in or call to be removed from their home and put in a safehouse. Needless to say, if you like what you are hearing you should purchase the track via their Bandcamp right here.

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