Looks like we found UK’s newest musical sensation! After her soulful debut single Mirror Talk, 18-year-old singer Griff gives us another taste of her musical creations. Didn’t Break It Enough explores one more time the emotional depths of the ambitious artist, combined with uplifting lyrics on how one’s heart might get broken, but despite all the pain is able to love over and over again. The song is accompanied by a visualizer-turned- TV-shopping-channel-show. Tiny additional info: In the video, Griff wears an original outfit designed by her – ironically being sold as Haute Couture. Yes, clothing design can be also added to the many talents of the young woman.

But who is Griff? The 18-year-old artist grew up near Watford in Hertfordshire, UK, and belongs to the young generation of DIY artists writing, performing and producing their music out of their very own bedroom. Using her brother’s logic software to work on first beats and melodies, Griff created her first songs while finishing her final exams in college. Now with a fresh school degree in hands, she is ready to put all her energy in her art to conquer the music scene. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is pretty sure you will hear more of the young women’s soulful R’n’B tunes in near future. Right now the singer is working on her debut EP and just got her first major label deal with Warner Music. Here’s to a promising start for an excting new voice!

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