We Will Kaleid create a dark atmosphere on their latest release Lingual. The German electronic Duo likes to experiment with analogue synthesizers, layered and distorted vocals, and a heavily used drum pad. Jasmina de Boer and Lukas Strich fuse these elements to a gloomy, artsy, and ever surprising musical style that shifts in genres, as well as, in emotion. The single Lingual is teasing the Duo’s upcoming album Tongue and is a grim comment on modern day society.

Aiming for direct confrontation rather than subtle mediation, the single shakes awake with thundering drumbeats. The daring video accompanying Lingual, shows a man dancing on the brink of the abyss at the will of the singer. Set in an industrial background, the vibe fits the dystopian feel the music radiates.

‘Capitalism feels like a machine running on human life, and in which we ourselves become that machine. ‘Lingual’ is a long look in the mirror seeking for the part of us that claims to be better than everyone else, and how we use that part to justify that we treat people like shit.’

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