Welcome to the mesmerizing microcosm of Maja Lena, everybody. It’s the solo moniker (and also Swedish nickname) of Marianne Parrish, formerly of alt-folk band Low Chimes and Antares is another teaser of her first album The Keeper. Carried by her stunning vocal performance, intense songwriting and themes that circle around self-doubt, existentialism and other important life lessions Maja Lena shamelessly adresses with a huge amount of honesty. Antares is a prime example here as the song deals with the cycle of life and death while the melancholic message of the lyrics is delivered via a groovy folk foundation. About the track she states:

“The song is named after the red supergiant star Antares, which is also one of the brightest visible in the Earth’s night sky and the brightest star in Scorpius. The star is also nearing the end of its life.”

There’s a great video by visual collaborator Aloha Bonser-Shaw which fits the music very well. If you love what you’re hearing here, make sure to mark July 23 in your calenders because that’s when Maja Lena‘s album The Keeper will hit a digital (and physical) store of your choice, providing you with a maximum amount of comfort in these troubled times. We surely can’t wait for it.

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