“Chicago’s melodic dove”, Mia Joy releases another track ahead of her debut LP Spirit Tamer which is out on May 7. Freak is a quiet break up song, that reveals its force in the gently crooned lyrics by vocalist Mia Rocha. With her previous releases, the artist already set the tone for the single as well as for the LP to come. Her ethereal pop compositions have the power to resonate deep into the gut, if you let them. The beautiful imagery created by the metaphoric lyrics, lets the artist’s courageous vulnerability shine through without being too confronting.

If you let her, Mia Joy will move you. Freak is a carefully arranged break up song, observing toxic attachment and dependency in relationships while simultaneously breaking free from those ties. The minimalistic instrumentation embeds the vocals in warm bedroom pop blankets. Resonating guitar strums, shy keys, and the slightly reverbed voice come together to Freak.

“I loved the imagery of that phrase, a freak on a leash as in feeling tied in a relationship you know is toxic but feeling bound to them, thus making you crazy or a “freak”. Once off the leash, the pain that was holding onto you, you can finally find your own way. I wanted to end it with a sense of reclaiming identity and independence and breaking free from the symbolic leash.”

Check out the charming version of Freak that Mia Joy recorded exclusively for us.


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