It has been a while since the Finnish singer Suad Khalifa, known as SUAD, released anything. The Door is the first track the artists has put out since 2019’s White Lies. With the single, she embarks on a journey to self-assurance and confidence. The playful piano melody and the driving beat pick the listener up and invite them onto the uplifting ride of The Door. It is almost impossible to not be infected by the catchy lines seeping with hope and enthusiasm.

“For me the song is like a distant dreamlike memory, uplifting in some way.. and one of the songs in the upcoming album that is a bit more lighter toned.”

SUAD’s vocals are as clean and bright as we are used to from the previous releases, but the artist shows newly gained confidence on The Door. “When I was writing the song, it came up quite quickly and very intuitively. And It was one of the songs that when we played it at the studio with my band, the orchestration fell into place very quickly and like magic – thanks to my band and Lauri Eloranta who I produced this album with”, the artist says about the songwriting process. It is just the first thing we are hearing form SUAD this year, the musician is going to drop her debut record in fall. After initial struggles during the pandemic and the isolation, she realized once again “how important writing music and sharing it with others” is to her. For an artist who previously did not regard herself as a solo act and who worked with other bands for the most of her career, The Door is another assured step into the musical world as a solo artist.

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