Most people are fairly familiar with the little lies we use to make life a little bit easier. SUAD is tackling exactly these ‘harmless’ white lies, which create a zone of numb comfort but do not get you anywhere. Acknowledging this is the first step out of the ‘warm cave of lies’. The song’s energetic and dynamic rhythm pushes towards the enlightening realisation that there are better possibilities out there when you break out of your comfort zone. With bright and confident vocals SUAD sings ‘It can be hard to perceive, there is no one there to hurt you’ –  an expression of how it is usually yourself who stands between achieving personal goals, or not. The single benefits from the musician’s years of experience in the industry and balances heavy piano keys and indie rock riffs with the vocal lightness of the chorus. But the Helsinki native can also go into depth she proves, when her well-trained vocals shift from crystal clear and sparkling to more edgy and raw sounds.

White Lies is a fun and dynamic fusion of rock and pop elements with a strong personal message. It transforms  from good mood track, to eye-opening as you look behind the veil of catchy lyrics and a danceable rhythms. We are proud to exclusively present SUAD’s new single, again, on NBHAP, and hope you like it as much as we do!