The latest release by MUMRUNNER might be the perfect meet cute between shoegazy vocals and blurry alternative rock arrangements. Remember Me is where the two intersect. The Finnish band fuses bright upbeat elements from the indie pop department with a funky bassline and sparkly synths coming with a strong 80s vibe. The hazy vocals of the lead singer almost fade into the background and hide the darkness of the lyrics in the bright instrumentation. Singing of a relationship falling apart, the vocals melt together with the electric guitar riffs and might take a second listen to grasp.

“This might be the album’s poppiest song with all jingle-jangle guitars and funky basslines yet it’s definitely one of our darkest songs lyrically. It is pretty much about the struggle of letting go of a failed relationship. We’ve all had these awkward moments in our life when we don’t say what we think and feel and things get worse. Here we stand so unsure yet we’re holding hands”. 

Stuck in the feeling of things always being on the dark side, the end of the song nevertheless provides a little light on the horizon. With ethereal vocals, MUMRUNNER croon of remembering the good parts of a failed relationship. Remember Me is the second single teasing the band’s forthcoming debut LP Valeriana due 27th of March.

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