Most of you are probably familiar with the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang – whether worn as a necklace, a print on the cup you have coffee out of in the morning, or the doodle someone sprayed on the wall in your neighborhood. The principle of dualism, of balance when it seems like there is none in completely opposing forces has left its traced. YĪN YĪN made this their motto but reverse it and balance on imbalance and oppose the things that we are used to being in perfect musical harmony. The band welds an experimental sound unlike anything else.

Thom Kï Kï, is taken from the debut The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers, which came out in many parts of the world in 2019 and is now getting a proper UK release in April. Coming from Maastricht – yes, that is probably not what you expected – the four musicians have individual personal musical styles. And behind the backdrop of rediscovering eastern Asian music from the 60s and 70s, they awake their every own visions of modern music to life. Thom Kï Kï’s funky groove and funky steel strings embody just two facets of a song that is built on the spirit of creative freedom and exploration. The psychedelic vibe of the instruments comes together to one colorful mosaic of sounds, matching the accompanying music video. Set in a cinematic yellow-glowing forest, Yin and Yang, black and white, the rabbit and the tiger fight each other with well choreographed moves. This is experimental instrumental music done right and a true pleasure to listen to! We are stoked for anything else boundary breaking musicians will put on tape.

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