If you’ve been an active follower of this page the folks from Working Men’s Club should already be on your radar by now. We named them one of the best new bands to watch in 2020 and following great tunes like Teeth and White Rooms And People they have finally announced their full-length self-titled debut album for a June 5 release. The fearless four-piece around band leader Sydney Minsky-Sargeant unravels a sinister and adventurous modern take on the familiar post-punk and new wave formula and their latest single A.A.A.A. makes no difference here. It feels like Joy Division meets The Fall meets Factory Floor and its pure delight if you happen to be a fan of dark and dystopian extravaganza. Well, it’s the sort of sound you would expect from a young man that grew up in a devastating place like Todmorden in West Yorkshire.

There’s not much going on, not much stuff to do as a teenager,” he explains the setting. “It’s quite isolated. And it can get quite depressing being in a town where in the winter it gets light at nine in the morning and dark at four.” So, yeah, that explains the overall notion of Working Men’s Club who are named after the wood panelled, community-run venues the 18-year-old Minsky-Sargeant used to sneak into under age. It’s a mighty sound born out of frustration and that’s always the sort of music that has proven to be quite effective when it comes to coping with all the mistery. Yes, times are bleak, they’ve always been and as long as there’s bands like Working Men’s Club you can greet these moments with a bit fat grin.

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